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Fuse Fuels Joins MORR Contingency Plan

MORR Midwest Offroad Racing

Abrams, WI (May 13, 2015) - Midwest Off-Road Racing welcomes Fuse Fuels as the newest company joining the MORR Contingency Program for the Sportsman Off-Road Series. The Fuse Fuels brand of unleaded race fuel is conveniently manufactured and available for purchase at Corey Oil in North Lake, Wisconsin.

The contingency offer will offer first place finishes using Fuse Fuels a $50 product certificate, third place finishers a $50 product certificate, and fifth place finishers a $25 product certificate.

It's great to see another first time company joining our MORR Contingency Program," noted MORR Board Member Rob Kinner. "As our programs grows, it really adds marketing value to our group as well as the racing that our membership participates in."

The Sportsman Off-Road Series begins its season in less than a month at the Londerville Off-Road Super Challenge in Crandon, Wisconsin.

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2015 Sportsman Off-Road Series Race Schedule

June 6-7          Londerville Steel Off-Road Super Challenge - Crandon, WI

June 27-28      Forest County Potawatomi Brush Run - Crandon, WI

July 18-19        Sportsman Off-Road Weekend- Bark River, MI

August 15-16   40th UP Off-Road Championships- Bark River, MI

September 5-6 46th Crandon Off-Road World Championships - Crandon, WI

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About Fuse Fuels

Fuse Fuels started their origins with race fuel additives in 2011. Customers had high horsepower street cars that wanted to stay away from the damaging effects of lead, especially on oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. We then entered the Canadian race fuel market where leaded fuel was banned. The ban gave an instant demand for people desiring fuel with no lead, but the major race fuel manufacturers never tried to give the market much attention. Still to this day finding high octane unleaded fuel is next to impossible. FUSE Fuels wants to help you end your search.
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