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Hooker Harness Continues its MORR Contingency Program

MORR Midwest Offroad Racing

Abrams, WI (April 23, 2015) - Midwest Off-Road Racing continues to build it 2015 Contingency Program and welcomes the continued support of Hooker Harness. As a well known and respected producer of Aerobatic seatbelts and shoulder harnesses, Hooker Harness also offers a complete line of safety harnesses for the motorsports enthusiast.

"Keeping the driver securely fastened in their race vehicle is definitely a challenge," remarks Hooker Harness' Scott McPhillips. "We understand that not all harnesses can simply be made the same because all people and vehicles are built different and require a product specifically tailored to their individual needs. Therefore, all seatbelts and shoulder harnesses are not produced until they are ordered. Hooker Harness has always guaranteed that their product will fit properly, and will make any necessary alterations at no additional cost to the consumer."

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Hooker Harness will offer a $50 product voucher to all third place finishers that prominently display the Hooker Harness decal in every Sportsman truck and buggy class during every round of Sportsman competition.  


About Hooker Harness

Hooker Harness, Inc. was founded by innovator Jack Hooker. Jack began producing seatbelts and shoulder harnesses in New York in the early 1970's. During the early years Jack produced a variety of harnesses primarily for the aviation industry. Through the years, Hooker Harness has become the most well known and respected producer of Aerobatic seatbelts and shoulder harnesses. The aviation background in harness production provided the foundation for Hooker Harnesses emergence into the racing industry. The company maintains a commitment to quality, consistency, and customer service. Hooker Harness uses the same quality control system in all forms of production, for both FAA and SFI approved products.

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2015 Sportsman Off-Road Series Race Schedule  

  • June 6-7                          Crandon, WI 
  • June 27-28                      Crandon, WI
  • July 18-19                       Bark River, MI
  • August 15-16                  Bark River, MI
  • September 5-6                Crandon, WI

About MORR

The goal of the Midwest Off Road Racing (MORR) group is to insure affordable racing for the Midwest Sportsman Off Road Racer by uniting racers with a common voice. Maintaining affiliations with approved sanctioning bodies will allow the competitor and the enthusiast to enjoy off road racing now and in the future.  / facebook 

MORR Series 2015

About Sportsman Off-Road Series

Steeped in the history of off-road racing through five decades, Crandon International Off-Road Raceway and Bark River International Off-Road Raceway have come together to ensure Sportsman short-course off-road racing continues to thrive in the Upper Midwest. The goal of the series is to not only offer safe, competitive, and affordable racing, but to ensure there's a place to race for the next generation of off-road racers.

Sportsman Off-Road Series - "Expanding the tradition of our sport."  

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