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Off Road Protection: Protecting the Paint on Your SUV


Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are expensive. At least the new ones are. And the last thing you want to do is take your pristine new vehicle off road to scratch it all to pieces. But it's a sport utility vehicle, which means that it's designed for just the type of rugged outdoor driving you love. What's an outdoorsy new car owner to do?

You know what you do? You fortify it with protective films that are designed to deflect debris and keep your paint looking fresh and new.

The front of the SUV is the most vulnerable while driving off road. It's the part of the car that goes headfirst into a wooded area with low hanging branches and mud holes that shoot little pebbles out when you spin your tires. So the front is the obvious place to protect and you do this with laminate films made for headlamps and a clear cover bra.

The headlamp film covers the lamp to protect it from scratches. The best films are made of vinyl, which is durable, rugged, strong, and designed to last through tough off-road adventures. They should also be custom cut to fit your particular SUV. No one wants to cut it themselves and risk botching it. Have you ever tried to cut a perfect circle? Good luck with that. Instead, order one that's manufactured for your particular car so you can avoid this lesson in frustration. Also, you want to pay attention to the adhesive description. A 'one and done' laminate is a little intimidating. If you misplace it, you're stuck with it so look for one that's advertised as 'forgiving'.

The clear cover bra works the same way as the headlight covers. It should be composed of the same rugged material that's able to withstand some moderate punishment. Simply wrap it around the front end of your SUV and let it take the heat rather than your ride's paint job.

The best companies to buy any products from are the ones that allows for quick and easy exchanges and some type of money back guarantee or warranty. Car accessories are no exception; so make sure that if you receive the wrong film, you can swap it out easily.

Now that your new sport utility is covered get out there and go nuts! The protective films will take the beating so your paint won't have to, and you'll be able to continue riding in style without fear of damaging your big investment.

Chris Wadle is the founder and CEO of Lamin-x, a manufacturer of protective films for cars for vehicles of every make and model. Lamin-x provides a unique solution to preventing road debris damage to help prolong the lifespan of your vehicles paint.

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