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Tread Lightly!

Tread Lightly! created the message RIDE ON Designated Routes at the request of the U.S. Forest Service to assist the agency in communicating the importance of riding or driving motorized vehicles only on routes or in areas designated as open to motor vehicle use. In 2003, to address concerns associated with unregulated motor vehicle use on public lands, the Forest Service began expanding a regionally tested management style – managing a system of routes designated as open to motor vehicle use – and implementing it, nationwide, as its Travel Management Rule.

The public’s education of this new regulation, intended to better manage recreation more sustainably, is a critically important aspect to achieving compliance of the Rule by public lands visitors. Naturally, the Forest Service sought help from its long standing partner in ethics education, Tread Lightly!, to develop an issue specific message and outreach campaign for national application.

Since inception as a simple philosophy, one of Tread Lightly!’s core principles – the T in TREAD – has been to encourage Traveling only on existing roads or trails to minimize environmental impacts and social conflicts. The message of RIDE ON not only communicates responsible behavior expected by many land managers and land owners, it also communicates the importance of treading lightly and respecting others and the environment to help keep access open. The campaign speaks to motorized recreation enthusiasts and those who use motorized vehicles on public lands in order to enjoy their favorite sport, like fishing and hunting. The message of RIDE ON Designated Routes is co-branded with Tread Lightly!’s logo as well as the logo and messaging of Respected Access is Open Access.

Tread Lightly!

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